Mission Possible

60 Teams. 72 Hours. Join us as these teams compete to solve a real-life practical challenge and race to the finish line to claim victory and the $5,000 prize.

Connect IT is one of the premier IT events of the year. For the first time ever, Kaseya is bringing all of its brands into a single event (Unitrends, Spanning, and RapidFire Tools) with 1,600+ customers and 2,000+ total attendees. Connect IT offers MSPs and IT Administrator attendees access to technology certifications, best practices, industry expert speakers, panel discussions, road map presentations, exercises and networking opportunities. The event takes place May 6-9th 2019, in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Systems Administrators deal with new and different challenges every day. Those challenges are overcome with the proper and efficient use of the technology tools available to them. For the first time ever at Connect IT, we are presenting attendees a practical real life challenge for the opportunity to win $5,000.

The Challenge:

Teams of 5 are presented with the daunting news that their fictional company is required to pass a rigorous audit of their IT environment in 72 hours. If their company fails the audit, the company will be saddled with a $500,000 fine and each member of the team with be fired. Each team is given the same cloud-based environment that is “sideways” and is ill prepared for an audit. Along with the cloud-based environment, they’re given a sandbox of tools provided by Kaseya:

  • Network Detective from RapidFire Tools for network discovery
  • VSA by Kaseya for monitoring, management and scripting
  • IT Glue for documentation
  • BMS by Kaseya for project management and service desk
  • Unitrends for data management, back-up and disaster recovery

The objective is to use these tools to pass the audit within the 72 hours. The team that passes the audit with the fastest time leveraging all the tools wins.

The requirements:
  1. 60 identical cloud environments with multiple servers, storage, CPU, applications and test data
  2. 60 Sandbox environments with required tools (listed above)

When attendees register for Connect IT, they will have the option of participating in the Mission Possible challenge. Attendees will be assigned to teams prior to the event based on their registration profile. Only 300 total attendees will be able to participate (60 teams of 5). The winning team will be recognized on stage the last day of the event and awarded their $5,000 prize. Register today for your chance to participate in Mission Possible!

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